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Dec 24, 2012 11:00am PST
, enforcer of all ectoplasmic law. feel free to view me with respect and/or fear. hehe, it's just snizzle. officer snizzle if you don't mind. clear throats now, you've broken section 3 2 4 subection b of the spectural code. oh, you hear that, boys? we broke the law. oohh i'm shaking! laughs whatcha gonna do about it, officer? run us in? hey hey, that's my car! i only have two payments left. music and laughing here you go. thanks but... casper's right, guys. we shouldn't take the guy's car. no, that just ain't right here. here! gotcha whistle! haha no! whistle blows laughing snizzle cries hey! you hear that? i don't hear anything. that's what i mean. ok, this is not a good thing. storm what does the whistle do? it's for emergencies only! it summons cabash! cabash, the evil, vicious, cruel, mean-spirited king of all ghosts? no, the cabash, the country and western singer. more storm sounds who dares to summon cabash? snizzle, you know it's my weekend off. can you give me one good reason why i shouldn't skin you alive? well i don't have skin and i'm not alive. roar! wait, mr. cabash i
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1